• ??You can use SIM card for 7days on your plan after applying. Please be sure to check this:
  • 1) Fill in the order form and submit to us anytime including weekend and holidays. (365 days x 24 hours)
  • 2) Activate SIM card within business hours. (Processing time only less than 10 minutes)
  • 3) If the activation successful, system will send a SMS to you included balance and expiry date.
  • 4) Business hours for SIM card Activation
  •   - Monday to Friday 09:00 ~ 22:00
  •   - Weekend and Holidays 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • 5) We will process your application after 09:00 next day if you submit your request after our business hours.
  • 6) Please fill out the information for activation accurately.
  • 7) It is suggested to print  http://hk.chinaunicom.com/res/upload/files/koreaSIM.pdf for handset setting purpose.
firstname            F
gender Mr.   Ms.
firstname     Enter English Name on your passport (Polly)
lastname     Enter English Name on your passport (Chung)
your country
expiration date
  • Certification for rental user's real-name
  • ??To certificate rental user's real-name, please send copy of your passport to us as following ways:
 File upload ?일찾아보기    · File Format (gif, jpg, jpeg, png)    ?일찾아보기
  • ??To process your request efficiently, please ensure that your documents are valid and legible.
  • ??As always, any personally identifying information that you submit to Evergreen Mobile remains secure and is never transmitted to any third party.
  • ??If the copy of your passport is not attached or invalid and illegible, please keep in mind that your order will be automatically cancelled.
  • Terms and Conditions of EG SIMCARD
Agree with Rental Terms and Conditions

  • Activating your own unlocked phone to use EG sim card:
  • ??Please enter information from your own unlocked phone as following :
  • ??As these information need to activate your own unlocked phone in advance, please ensure that these information is correct.
  • ??Customer Service Center needs these information to fix your phone problem when EG sim card is not working after replacing it into your phone.
Model   e.g : Galaxy S3 , IPhone4 WiFi MAC Address
IMEI Your phone is unlocked ? Yes No
  • ??Ways to find out Model, IMEI, Wi-Fi Mac address :
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?이???업 -->